More Lambs

The day after Freckles had twins, Angel did too. We noticed one around 1 p.m. yesterday all by itself. Angel seemed to keep noticing it and hanging around it but was not cleaning or nursing it. Kirsten went and cleaned him up and placed him on the hay. A while later Angel had another; she cleaned her better but was still not nursing either one. So we made the decision to start them on bottles. Kirsten drove up to Plum Run Dairy and bought some goat colostrum and raw goat milk, the closest to sheep milk we could get, since, unfortunately, we could not catch Angel in order to try and milk her — one of the main drawbacks to our system of 100% on-pasture is that the sheep are not very human-oriented. Fortunately, the two survived the night in the barn and seem perfectly healthy and peppy. We’re at a loss to explain Angel’s behavior as she was a good mother to Annie last year. Today we are trying to get her to accept the wee ones but don’t have high hopes. Meanwhile, it’s six bottle feedings a day.

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