Farm Chores [Continued]

The first, long overdue task was cleaning out the goat shed. There was over 2 years worth of bedding and goat berries in varying states of compost to haul out.

In the foreground is a pile in our side garden — should be ready to till in next spring. In the background is a pile that Eric simply pushed out the back of the goat shed — it will continue to compost and what with the goats playing on it constantly, it should spread out rather nicely to help even out the somewhat steep slope there.

This picture does not do justice to size of these piles — there was about a foot of bedding in the 14 by 30 foot goat shed, so that’s roughly 420 cubic feet of material, which is the equivalent of over 3,000 gallon milk jugs!

We are, though, VERY happy to have all of this black gold, though, especially in light of a recent story out of the UK about gardens dying due a herbicide that was applied to cow pastures, and was still active 12 months later, after having passed through the cow, been composted, bagged, stored, and then sold to gardeners at their local home center. We know what is in our compost!

[Continued next picture …]

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