Ole Man Winter Still Spry

We had our first winter snow a few days ago, a wet, sticky 4 inches. Mostly melted by today, though. But the forecast for tonight is ominous: freezing rain with ice accumulating up to 1/4 inch, followed by wind gusts tomorrow of up to 45 mph. I. Hope. They. Are. Wrong. [Update: They *were* wrong — it stayed above freezing all night so we just got ½-inch of sleet.]

In the center of this picture you can see an open gate. The billy goats (bucks) live behind the gate while the nanny goats (does) live in front of the gate. We thought that we were done breeding for the season, but the bucks thought different. The day after Thanksgiving they head-butted the gate repeatedly until the rhythm popped the one-way gate latch open. In anticipation of the potential ice storm, yesterday we had two large rolls of hay delivered, one for the bucks and one for the does, got the bucks back into their pasture, and chains on all the gates. We will see what damage the bucks have wrought 150 days from now.

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