Addition Update: Roof Trusses

Been busy around here the last week and a half.


Last week they continued with the framing. The loft sub-floor is in place since it ties in with the exterior wall framing. The windows were a bit of a challenge to line up with the existing house windows — we had to go code-minimum with the headers.


A preview of the future view from the bay window.


The roof trusses arrived yesterday. This is the view from the upper veranda yesterday afternoon. In the upper left you can see that the tops are flat. There is a peaked cap that will be added — the trusses would have been too big to truck in if they had been one piece.


Concurrently, the masons finished up pointing the chimney. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but the mortar at the bottom is darker because it is fresher, the mortar at the top was done last week and is closer to the lighter finished color that we chose.


The view from the pasture.

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