Addition Progress Report, Week 32

Slow progress lately, working around the snow/ice/cold, but progress nonetheless. The plumbing rough-in is done, as is the main floor electric. Stairs are in, drywall about 75% up but not yet mudded. Exterior siding also at 75%. Next week, hopefully, wallboard should all be up and the attic insulation should be in. Then after the cold retreats we will get a portable electric furnace in and start the wallboard mudding and chimney coating (probably satin polyurethane.)


The north end siding is done.


The stairs are in, taped and protected. You can see the gap under the lowest step that the final 4-1/2″ of concrete floor will fill.


Plumbing and electric rough-in is done. In the galley we will have two sinks, both with wall-mount faucets.


This section of wall between the main floor bathroom and bedroom is packed. From left to right: 4″ conduit for rooftop solar hot water pipes, 3″ conduit for future propane H2O heater power vent or PV solar battery bank vent, lav DWV and supply, loft WC DWV. The insulation is for sound dampening the bedroom.


All the main floor and loft electric cables run from the basement next to the galley water pipes.


Our plumbing is a home-run system with all fixtures fed individually from manifolds. On the right wall is the manifold for the underfloor heat.

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