Bee Housekeeping

So, about six weeks ago we relocated our new beehive. At the time, we had proper frames in the lower super, so the bees would build orderly combs. Temporarily, we put an inner lid between the lower and upper supers, and put a sugar water feeder in the upper super so as to entice the bees to stay. We had intended to swap out the inner lid and upper super with a proper frame-filled super, but various events foiled those plans.

This morning we finally got to it.


Here I am in my make-shift beekeepers outfit: white (so they do not mistake me for a bear) long-sleeved sleep shirt tucked into light-colored dorm pants in turn tucked into long white socks. Topped with a proper veiled bee hat. Stylish, no? On the left is the super/queen excluder/super/inner lid/outer lid combo that I am going to add to the hive. (The queen excluder is to make sure that the topmost super has just honey — no brood — that we can harvest later on.)


As we expected, because we had not put an inner lid under it, the outer lid needed some leverage to unstick.


Worst fears realized; The bees had built their combs attached to the underside of lid.


We set the old lid near the hive opening so the bees could begin robbing the old combs and using the material in new combs. An hour later and they are going gangbusters. Hate to make them waste their time and energy like this, but what’re ya gonna do?

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