Thanksgiving 2017

We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving yesterday. Both kids were here, the weather was sunny and cool, and the food was bountiful.

The menu:

  • 14# Turkey, brined overnight then roasted at 500° for 80 minutes
  • Wild rice dressing with currants and walnuts
  • Pan-drippings gravy
  • Mashed potatoes (red potatoes with skin left on)
  • Brasied collards (from The Farmer’s Daughter)
  • Homemade cranberry chutney with orange and ginger
  • Three homemade butter-crust pies, 1 apple, 2 pumpkin

Was too busy cooking and eating and enjoying to take many pictures, but here are two:

Table centerpiece: Duck on a Mossy Rock

Steaming turkey fresh out of the oven

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