Our Mountain Doth Protecteth Us

Like most of the mid-Atlantic and New England, it is quite windy here today. In general, the winds are from the WNW at 30 mph with gusts to 55. Well, that appears to be the case up on the mountain, but not down here in the Capon Valley. You see, our house is nestled up against the east side of a mountain, so the winds are reduced and misdirected down here today.

Here is some data from my Personal Weather Station out back (click on KWVHOOKS2 over on the right in the Riversdell Weather section for more data):

On the left-hand chart you can see the difference between the predicted (and apparently actual up on the mountain) wind speed, to the right of the line, and the actual, as-measured, down-here-in-the-valley speed this morning to the left of the line. The graph on the right-hand side shows the measured wind speed as running mostly 10-20 mph with gusts up to 25. It is also interesting (well to me at least!) that the wind direction down here is mostly from the east — the WNW winds bounce over the mountain and then swirl around down here in our valley.

It is still plenty windy, though. Gigi cat went outside this morning, got hit in the face with flying leaves, and did an immediate U-turn. Glad the power is still on, but we have plenty of water bottles filled, just in case — out here, no power = no well pump.

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