Major Addition Milestone

On our second attempt last Thursday, we passed our final building inspection!
And, no, it is not actually done yet — lots of window & door & baseboard trim-out still to go — but there is now a lightness and freedom from knowing that “the man” will no longer be able to stick his big nose in our business!

Disclaimer: In actual fact the actual “man” — the building inspector — was very nice and did not cite us for any number of potentially code-bending issues that would have been quite problematic to fix. The only thing I had to do was add a fire-rated door between my basement shop and the stairs up to the great room — since the shop has a garage-style door, even though it opens onto the back yard, the room is considered a garage and must meet attached-garage standards.

UPDATE April 5th 2018: This came in today’s mail:

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