River Still Hungry

We had another rainy weekend, this time with 4″ of rain in just 18 hours. Here’s what our cellar and our river looked like at the height of it:

The 2nd half is the view from our upper veranda; under normal river flow conditions we cannot see the water at all at this location.

Yesterday I ventured down the road to check on where the river had taken a large chunk of the road in the flooding a couple of week ago. It turns out that while the river did eat more road, the area is still passable (barely!).

The foreground area is newly-placed-by-DOH material. You can see that it is still settling.

Foreground rocks are new, ones in the background were dropped two weeks ago after the first road-eating flood.

Looking at the far end, notice the round impression and the upper left where a barrel was two weeks ago.

Looking back from the far end you can see the scope of the repair work the DOH-boys are doing. For scale, that’s my F150 in the background.

When they are done with the repairs, it’ll look something like this, a section they repaired several years back. It has held up quite well!

Here are some graphs of data from the USGS Cacapon River gauge downstream of us. This recent flood looks to be our largest since Hurricane Isabel in 2003 (the only time our property has flooded since we moved here in 1998).

The river since we moved here in 1998. (Note that the scale is logarithmic so the peaks are somewhat compressed.)

Isabel in September 2003

The past week; note how much higher the river was at the start of this event that it was for Isabel.

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