Major Addition Milestone

On our second attempt last Thursday, we passed our final building inspection! And, no, it is not actually done yet — lots of window & door & baseboard trim-out still to go — but there is now a lightness and freedom from knowing that “the man” will no longer be able to stick his big […]

Addition Progress
(No, it’s not done. Sigh.)

The weather got quite warm earlier this week (Over 80°! In mid-February!) so I took advantage of it to work on the addition baseboard. I am very happy with my shop layout — just open up the overhead door and roll the table saw out onto the lawn. My baseboard design is an attempt to […]

Addition Update, Dog Days Edition

In late July I was able to get back to work on the addition trim-out after an unplanned 2-month hiatus while my thumb healed. Yesterday I finished the guardrail for the entrance ramp (still needs a final coat of paint, though): It is our own design. We were pleased that we were finally able to […]

Addition Solar Heating Update

Well, it’s been 3 weeks since we got our solar water heating system up and running in our new addition. First off, it definitely works — Yay! But it is also definitely a complicated setup. I have been testing and tweaking the various controller settings. The system manual, as so many are, is very poorly […]

Addition Omnibus Progress Late Winter 2017 [Video]

Forgive me, for I have sinned: It has been almost a year since my last post. We made good progress on our (seemingly interminable) addition project over last spring and summer. I took a lot of pictures with many blog posts in mind, but, well, «insert aphorism about the surface of a road to a […]

Addition Early-Spring Progress

Addition Ready for Final Concrete Pour

Well, almost, still have to do the final cleanup. We are trying to arrange the final concrete pour, but with winter on the way the concrete tradesmen are very busy trying to get their outdoor pours done. This pour is about 1068 square feet and will be 4½ – 5 inches thick. It is being […]

Addition Update, Day 434 (Ouch!)

As I said in an earlier post, we got delayed in our construction over the summer. We got a six-month extension on our building permit, so mid-December is our new target for completion. Still lots to do, but now that the hot weather has broken I am able to get more done. My #1 priority […]

Addition Solar Heat Plan

The underfloor hydronic heat in the addition will consist of 3 zones with 4 loops total: basement 1-loop zone, great room 2-loop zone, and under-loft 1-loop zone. Each loop is 300′ 5/8″ PEXa tubing. The expectation is that the great room zone will the most active. The intention is to run each loop at 1.75 […]

Addition Progress Report, Week 32

Slow progress lately, working around the snow/ice/cold, but progress nonetheless. The plumbing rough-in is done, as is the main floor electric. Stairs are in, drywall about 75% up but not yet mudded. Exterior siding also at 75%. Next week, hopefully, wallboard should all be up and the attic insulation should be in. Then after the […]

Addition Progress Report, Week 29

Also, some of the plumbing has been roughed in and most of the basement wallboard is up, but pics will wait for another day.

Addition Progress on the Inside

Over the holidays the roofers completed the metal roof, and the insulation sub did round one on the inside of the exterior walls: sprayed 1" closed-cell urethane foam followed by fiberglass batts. Then last week the general contractor crew came in and did some wallboard. They did what they could while still leaving space for […]

Addition Progress from the Outside

Christmas Eve day was busy around here with four different construction-related visits: framers, to complete a few odds and ends; electrician, ditto; a debris-removal visit; and an inspector, who OK’d the framing and electric. The day before the roofers got started on the metal, as seen below from the pasture.

Addition Progress Slow But Real

Well, for the past month there has been progress. All the windows and exterior doors are in place. The first round of electric wiring rough-in has been done. The roofers should be here (maybe this week) to put the metal roof on. Next up is the plumber.

Addition Windows Start Going In