Apothedairy Progress

We’ve been very busy with infrastructure improvements this summer (and continuing into the fall). We are making progress on converting the barn into our Apothedairy. On the top is from back in June just before we poured the concrete floor; on the bottom is from today — all the wiring and concrete block sealing is […]

Apothedairy Foundation

We are in the process of turning the goat-stall portion of our barn into an “Apothedairy” — a place to make cheese, yogurt, and soap. We are putting in a concrete floor, but first we are adding water and drain lines as you can see here.

Winter’s Last Gasp?

We got 6½ inches of snow last Thursday, followed by an arctic blast, and then, finally some unseasonable warmth. Today is a typical cool and rainy March day. We are certainly ready for Spring.

Sleeping Dragon

On Thursday our contractor dropped off this beast so they can start work bright and early Monday on the demolition portion of our new addition project. This thing is big — I paced off the tread width at about 12 feet, which is just a little less than the width of our lower driveway as […]

The Big Digout

The snowstorm ended overnight Thursday. We stayed at 16″ of accumulation — the last few inches were offset by melting/compaction since the temp rose into the mid 30s. Friday was clear and bright, a perfect day for digging out.

New Hearth II

Four summers ago we rebuilt our kitchen hearth. This year we tackled the living room hearth.

Pre-Winter Successes [Continued]

We also got the Apothedairy pretty much done. Refurbished some old windows from our house and added a small hot water heater. It’s ready for the soap making to begin!

Pre-Winter Successes [Continued]

Note, too, the fancy designer lighting.