Goat Kids 1: Colleen

Colleen was the first to go; we discovered her two kids dry and cozy in the goat shed on Wednesday January 10th. Unfortunantly, the female of the two did not make it. The boy, though, is robost and growing fast. Here he is at two days old.

Goat Kids 2: Frosty

Frosty had her two (a boy and a girl) on the afternoon of the 11th. Here they all three are yesterday, guarding their nest of hay.

Goat Kids 3: Sassy

Sassy went the next day (Friday the 12th). Here are her two the next day.

Goat Kids 4: Candy

Candy completed round one yesterday morning. Here they are just an hour old, still a bit shaky but doing fine. That’s it for the kidding for a few months.

Tenth Kidding

Found these two wee ones this morning, courtesy of our only registered Toggenburg doe, Royal. Judging by their coloration, we’d say that the sire was the all white, mostly Saanen Puck, not the registered Togg Pistol Pete. For a size comparison that is a six-inch wide board in the picture with them. They are both bucklings, bringing our kid count to 6 bucklings and 13 doelings. We have two yearlings, LaLa and Rose, that were exposed to the bucks but that we are unsure as to whether they settled (were impregnated).

Ninth Kidding

Yesterday we saw that Nellie was wandering off to be by herself, a trait not uncommon in animals just before they give birth. And sure enough, this morning we found her with these two, our 16th and 17th kids of the season, gender TBD. Update: Both kids are bucklings. Current tally is therefore 4 bucklings, 13 doelings.

A Day In The Life Of A Goat Kid (1 of 3)

Well, first and foremost, you must have fun. Lots of running and jumping are good, as is climbing on rocks, slight rises, even resting adult goats will do nicely.

A Day In The Life Of A Goat Kid (2 of 3)

All that fun makes a kid hungry, so you must find mama many times over the course of the day. [At the left of this picture you can see that a kid’s tail twirls rapidly whilst they are nursing]

A Day In The Life Of A Goat Kid (3 of 3)

And last, but not least, in addition to all the fun and food, one must sleep. A lot. Preferably in groups.

Eighth Goat Kidding

At around 10 this morning, on this cold but sunny day, Samanta went over to the south side of the old outhouse and had her two. Both doelings, we think. Here they are at 4:00 this afternoon, just before we moved them into the main goat shed.

Goat Kid Roundup

For those of you keeping score at home, we have so far had 7 births of 13 kids (4 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets, 2 singles). The preliminary gender breakdown is 2 bucklings and 11 doelings. We started off a bit over a week ago with Glory having her two on President’s Day, then after a brief respite we’ve had ’em pretty constant from Saturday through today (Tuesday). We have four more does we know are settled (aka preggers). In this picture you can see how they all like to sleep together for warmth and companionship.

Seventh Kidding

Last night Astrid had these two cuties — the white one is a buckling the other a doeling. She pulled a Garbo on us (“I want to be alone”) and had wandered off down to the meadow paddock late yesterday and had these overnight. We found her this morning with these two all dry and fluffy, and brought them all back up to the main goat shed.

Fifth and Sixth Kiddings

Yesterday afternoon Iris had triplets — three girls. Last year Glory had triplets and one didn’t make it, so we’ve been on pins and needles with this set, especially with the weather being so cold and windy (last night was 18° with 15 mph winds). But, knock wood, they all seem pretty healthy today. Upon checking on them around noon we also found Artemis in the process of having her twins. In the picture that’s Iris and her crew in the foreground and Artemis with her minute-olds in the back.

Fourth Kidding

Maizy had this little white one early this morning. As predicted, it blew up quite cold overnight (high today is only supposed to be 33°) and it is also windy, so we are glad that she and Oona have their new ones in the shed. We have not yet sexed the latest two — both moms are first-time kidders and we want the maternal bond to remain unfettered for a bit. [Update: Oona’s is a buckling, Maizy’s is a doeling.]

Third Kidding

Late yesterday afternoon Oona had this white single. While most goats have twins, it is not unusual for a yearling first-timer to have only one.