Rainy Day Faces

On a rainy day, one can always get some attention by simply walking past the barn. The barn stalls are in pretty rough shape — our plan is to build a loafing shed for the goats across the drive from the barn and convert the barn into a milking parlour but it has been too wet to get started on the new shed.

Hurricane Isabel

For days the media was warning about the arrival of hurricane Isabel on the US East Coast. The predicted path looked to go right over us, so we spent several days making preparations. Here you see our sheep (in white by the shed) and pigs (in reddish brown to the right) that we moved to high ground yesterday.

Where There’s A Rock …

… a goat will be on it! That’s Nellie holding forth on her perch next to the outhouse. This outhouse came in handy a few months back when our septic tank was backed up for a few days! You can also see by the worn paint that the goats like to scratch themselves by rubbing against it.

Popular Place

The barn is well-populated these days. The two bottle lambs are doing well, as are all the goats. Unfortunately, though, we lost a nine day old lamb Tuesday. At feeding time on Monday he stayed curled up in the shed; we brought him into the house to warm him up and try to bottle feed him, but he only hung on for one day.

Duck Igloo

Well, the snow finally ended here around noon, leaving us with 24 inches on the ground. Among other things, it has turned the duck house into a duck igloo! Now for the digging out … sigh. At least the temperature has finally gotten out of the teens.

Sheepish About The Shed

We’re in the midst of a major snowstorm, so this morning we moved our sheep up from the pasture to a temporary pen with access to a shed. We raise our sheep au naturel and so they aren’t used to enclosed spaces. They were a bit hinky about going in the shed but luckily their lambs didn’t share that sentiment. Since another foot of snow is expected on top of the foot and a half we already have, we are happy that the sheep have this shelter and are closer for feeding and keeping an eye on.

Icy Day Chores

Skatin’ through the chores. Note the goats, led by Pistol Pete, have gotten bored of the barn so they made their break out.

Gang’s All Here

On a rainy night, goats get the best digs: in the barn, with a manger full of hay. If one goes in, they all gotta be there.


As the rain pours down, the goats chow down before enjoying a dry night in the hay.

Autumn Colors

This fall wasn’t as spectacular as last year but all-in-all it’s hard to argue with! If you look at the lower right you’ll see our two-hole outhouse with the skylight I added in 2000.

Our ducks relaxing in their ‘quack house’

Our (as yet unpainted) barn