We have a couple of bird feeders out front that attract a menagerie. Our cat Gigi likes to sit at the window and watch them. There is one wren in particular that likes to taunt her. She can easily spend a hour or more a day watching this tailor-made program. And, like any good entertainment service, there is a second channel.





Chilly Spring

On cloud nine? Well, almost. This is our cat Sunny zonked out on our sheepskin bedcover. And, yes, even though it is mid-April, the weather is still pretty chilly, and it has been unusually windy all winter. Spring is slow in coming this year, but

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Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

… but the fire is so delightful! When the weather turns cold, the cats scope out their spots in front of the living room woodstove. That’s Sunny in the foreground and Rupert up closest to the stove.

Hot Cat and a Tin Roof

We had a very hot summer this year. Our cat Sunny spent most of it looking just like this. In the background you can see the tin roof of our springhouse.

Asleep At The Wheel

Our cat Sunny will sleep anywhere and everywhere.

Christmas Just Past

This is a loblolloy pine the kids brought home from school as a seedling when we first moved here in 1998. Things were so overgrown at that time we just stuck it in the ground next to the driveway until we could figure out where it should go permanently. It steadily grew and by this year it was too large to transplant. It made a beautiful christmas tree, though, and is one of our favorites — the openness and feathery long needles show off the ornaments well. That is our cat Rupert in the foreground enjoying the heat from the woodstove.


What better place to enjoy a catnap on a snowy evening than in front of a blazing woodstove?

Ice Castles [Continued]

Our cat Sunny likes to go on walks with us, but this time he is eager to get back for his first nap of the day.

Happiness is Full Woodshed [Continued]

Our cat Sunny likes it, too.

Everyone gets along just fine

Athough, to be honest, we do sometimes have to remind the cats that chicks and peeps are off-limits.

Spinach and arugula year-round!

In the lower left of this picture you can see Emma, one of our three cats.