View from the Veranda

This post will give you a flavor of what our farm looks like from our upper veranda. All of these pictures embiggen when you click ’em (be sure to click on the resultant picture to really embiggen it if your browser has resized it to fit the screen — you’ll need to scroll left and right to see it all.) All of these panoramas were created with drag-n-drop ease using the free Microsoft ICE photo-stitching software.

This picture is a 250-degree view taken today during the first snow of the season.

This is a similar view from back in October. This one goes a bit farther to the left — note the hammock. This blog’s masthead is a version of this image.

And, finally, here’s a slightly narrower vista from March after some fairly torrential Spring rain. The river is up in its banks to where it is clearly visible from the veranda. This is also the height where Cacapon River Road — a part of which you can see on the left — floods several miles downstream. Note, too, how wet several portions of our pasture are.

That Time Of Year Again. Sigh.

The ladybugs are back. Actually, they’re Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles. Follow the link for info about how they infest homes in the Autumn. Last year tried a new strategy — sprayed poison around all the doors and windows and used making tape to seal around all of the doors. Worked pretty well, although we still had to use the shop-vac from time to time. Trying it agin this year, but with a bit less poison this time.

Autumn Colors

It hasn’t been a particularly spectacular fall this year, not many of the crisp, bright days that we love so much, but …

Autumn Colors [Continued]

… all in all it’s hard to beat autumn in the Appalachian Mountains!

Autumn Colors

This fall wasn’t as spectacular as last year but all-in-all it’s hard to argue with! If you look at the lower right you’ll see our two-hole outhouse with the skylight I added in 2000.