Sunshine on my laundry makes me happy

I love the smell of laundry when it comes off the line. I know that this has to do with the disinfectant nature of the Sun’s UV rays, but I couldn’t find a more detailed scientific explanation; perhaps my Google-fu skills are a bit lacking?


Last Friday was a very nice Spring day!

Easter Eggs: The Aftermath

The food dye we used to dye our eggs seeped into some of the eggs in a most delightful way.


AfterEaster: hard-boiled eggs aplenty!

Happy Easter 2017


Happy Easter!


We dyed a mix of white and brown eggs

Chilly Spring

On cloud nine? Well, almost. This is our cat Sunny zonked out on our sheepskin bedcover. And, yes, even though it is mid-April, the weather is still pretty chilly, and it has been unusually windy all winter. Spring is slow in coming this year, but

[Continued next picture …]

Chilly Spring [Continued]

… there are some encouraging signs of spring, including these lovely daffodils in the front garden, as seen through the living room window. [Update: This picture is included in the print-on-demand book The View From Your Window.]

First Colors of Spring

Last week our long-awaited Spring arrived, with the forsythia and daffodils blazing forth in all their glory. The pastures have begun to turn green. Can the red of the tulips and the blue of the irises be far behind?

Virginia Bluebells

The Virgina Bluebells have bloomed to carpet the riverbanks, underneath a canopy of Redbuds.

Winter Is Over…

… but the memory lingers. Eric is spending this week cutting and splitting firewood for next winter.