Hot Dogs on a Hot Day

Different strokes: Roy prefers the bare floor with his head on the cool marble hearth, while Bearsheba favors the time-honored splaying out directly under the ceiling fan.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The view from the the upper veranda last week.

Hot Cat and a Tin Roof

We had a very hot summer this year. Our cat Sunny spent most of it looking just like this. In the background you can see the tin roof of our springhouse.

Sheep in the Dell

The sheep have their summer coats on now. That’s Sampson, the ram, in the front, finding out what’s going on. That’s Tawny just getting up, near her twins Missy and Mack.

View from the upper veranda – ducks and sheep

Sometimes we feel that the small size of our usable pasture is a drawback, but one advantage is that we can see all of our animals from the veranda. We spend a lot of time relaxing here.