Snowmageddon [Continued]

Somewhere under there are the stone steps leading up to the driveway. We are waiting until our neighbor comes with his plow-equipped tractor to clear the upper and lower driveways before we start shoveling.

Snowmageddon [Continued]

Glad we stocked up the chicken feeder in their shed — they are on their own for the next day or two! If you look closely you can see some chickens just inside the doorway eating snow for water — in weather like this, eating snow is the best they can hope for. It is forecast to get down near 10°F for the next couple of nights.

Snowmageddon [Continued]

We also filled up our bird feeder before the storm, making this a pretty popular stop for the avian wildlife in these parts.

Ready for the Snow

It just started snowing here at 9:20am, the start of what they say will be 36 hours and up to 2 feet of snow. The goats have hay, the chickens have feed, and we are ready to hunker down by the woodstoves. We hauled in three times our daily ration of wood; The upper picture is the larger kitchen stove, the lower one is the smaller living room stove.

Riversdell 2009 Christmas

Barn Life

I hae me hay, I hae me dog, life is good.

Ole Man Winter Still Spry

We had our first winter snow a few days ago, a wet, sticky 4 inches. Mostly melted by today, though. But the forecast for tonight is ominous: freezing rain with ice accumulating up to 1/4 inch, followed by wind gusts tomorrow of up to 45 mph. I. Hope. They. Are. Wrong. [Update: They *were* wrong — it stayed above freezing all night so we just got ½-inch of sleet.]

In the center of this picture you can see an open gate. The billy goats (bucks) live behind the gate while the nanny goats (does) live in front of the gate. We thought that we were done breeding for the season, but the bucks thought different. The day after Thanksgiving they head-butted the gate repeatedly until the rhythm popped the one-way gate latch open. In anticipation of the potential ice storm, yesterday we had two large rolls of hay delivered, one for the bucks and one for the does, got the bucks back into their pasture, and chains on all the gates. We will see what damage the bucks have wrought 150 days from now.

The Groundhog Was Wrong

We had a late-season, heavy snow yesterday. Started as rain overnight, changed to sleet for a an hour in the morning, then snowed all day with the temperature hovering around 33°F. About six inches in total, with today looking like slow, steady melting into a slushy mess. Pretty and all, but, yes, ready for spring, yes we are.

Winter Weather

After a very mild January we finally got a dose of real winter weather over the weekend — 8 inches of wet clinging snow. This same storm dumped a record-setting 27 inches on Central Park, the heaviest snowfall in NYC since record keeping began in 1869. I’ll take our eight, thank you very much!

Twelfth Night

Every year we end the Christmas holiday season with a roaring bonfire on or about the twelfth day of Christmas, upon which we, um, reduce our Christmas tree to its more elemental components. This year’s event was held on January 6th, and this year’s tree was a pleasing ‘Charlie Brown’ pine we cut ourselves.

Riversdell 2005 Christmas

Peace On Earth
Goodwill Towards All

Winter Sky

We’ve been getting a dose of belated winter weather lately — 2 – 6 inches of of snow a few times within a week. We are tired of winter and are ready for spring, but at least winter does provide it’s own style of beauty.

Goat Kid Smile

It’s hard not to smile at a goat kid! This is Artemis’s single, Louie, at 9 days old and doing fine. In the background you can see our latest snow. The weather has been quite variable; we are trying to have the kids in the barn for at least their first few days to make sure that they are staying dry.

Christmas Just Past

This is a loblolloy pine the kids brought home from school as a seedling when we first moved here in 1998. Things were so overgrown at that time we just stuck it in the ground next to the driveway until we could figure out where it should go permanently. It steadily grew and by this year it was too large to transplant. It made a beautiful christmas tree, though, and is one of our favorites — the openness and feathery long needles show off the ornaments well. That is our cat Rupert in the foreground enjoying the heat from the woodstove.

Frosty Morning

The morning sunlight on the frost renders everything in shades of sepia and grey. It hasn’t been a very cold winter here so far, but at times in the winter one tends towards wistful thoughts of the likes of Chris Stewart’s adventures in Spain.